Give Hope to The Hopeless

Help to provide a platform for enabling empowerment of underprivileged by providing foundational,entrepreneurial skills and care measures in the community.

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Beyond Mark Foundation is an independent Non-Profit Organisation

We aims to improve lives. Founded in 2014 and registered in 2016 July 21 with the purpose of reaching out to people giving them love and hope for their tomorrow. We aspire to uplift communities from young to old through building training institutions,primary and secondary schools, clinics, vocational workshops, creating jobs, building place of worship and activating Educational topics such as HIV awareness, drugs abuse, single parenting , divorce, and men & women

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Improving Lives & Building Families Since 2014

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Social Development

All aspects of the centre will be focused on and include aspects of social development. Individuals and families requiring supports and assistance will be incorporated into all activities and all kinds of workshops held at the venue.

Various outreach activities will be implemented, benefiting needy people identified by the Directors and Members. Programs will be implemented for job creation and training for the communities entering the workplace. Providing guidance to the individual who seek / seeking for job opportunities.

We save lives, defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fight for women and men in the community.

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The William Unit 835, Cnr of Broadacres and William Nicol Dainfern Fourways

Call Us: 064 621 5097